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Questions and Answers - Mountaineering

  • When the rules state the robot must be inside or outside of an area, is it the projection of the robot or the parts of the robot touching the table?
    • The projection of the robot is always used to determine if the robot is inside or outside an area.
  • If a block is damaged and parts of the block are in different scoring zones, how is the score calculated?
    • No points will be awarded for damaged blocks.
  • If the block is partly in the hole at the top of the mountain, how is this scored?
    • The block must be touching the bottom of the hole to score 100 points. The orientation of the block is not important (studs up or down). If the block is at an angle in the hole and not touching the bottom, it is considered to be at the top of the mountain but not in the hole (50 points).
  • Please explain "they will bias their decision to the worst outcome available for the context of the situation".
    • If there is a situation where it is difficult to tell whether points should be awarded or denied, the judge is required to deny the points.
  • When will the mountaineering expedition end (when to stop the timer for the attempt)?
    • The timer will be stopped for the attempt when the attempt is completed (the robot has successfully scored all available points and stopped off the mountains in the end zone) or a team member calls time.
  • Is the depth of the hole specified?
    • The depth of the hole is the height of the top layer of the mountain, 25mm.
  • For a block to be "on the slope" or "on the top", does it have to touch the mountain or can it be on the robot with the robot on the mountain?
    • The block must touch the mountain for points to be scored. If the block is still on the robot it will score 0 points.
  • Can the team load anything into the robot post-quarantine?
    • No, the robot cannot be changed and parts cannot be added post-quarantine. Once the mountain orientation and placement of challenge artifacts has been revealed, team members can only choose which program to run.
  • Can the robot leave parts on the field?
    • Yes, parts can be left on the field. Players cannot have challenge artifacts inside their robot before the attempt.

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