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Welcome to the official website for WRO 2015!

The theme for this year's competition is "ROBOT EXPLORERS".
We look forward to welcoming you to Doha, Qatar in November 2015 for the 12th Annual World Robot Olympiad.

The venue for the competition is the iconic Al Shaqab Indoor Arena, located in Education City (see map).

Tentative Schedule for WRO2015 in Doha, Qatar

November 3,4,5Arrival of Participants / Hotel Check-inAll Day
Friday November 6Arrival of Participants / Hotel Check-inAll Day
Access to Venue10:00am9:00pm
Judges Meeting and Orientation3:00pm5:00pm
Opening Ceremony5:00pm7:00pm
Coaches Meeting7:00pm9:00pm
Saturday November 7Gen II FootballAssembly Time9:00am11:00am
Seeding Matches11:00am5:00pm
Regular CategoryAssembly Time9:00am11:30am
Qualifying Round 112:30pml:30pm
Maintenance Time1:30pm2:15pm
Qualifying Round 22:15pm3:15pm
Maintenance Time3:15pm3:45pm
Qualifying Round 33:45pm4:45pm
University ChallengePractice9:00am10:00am
Preliminary Round 110:00am12:30pm
Preliminary Round 21:30pm4:00pm
Open CategoryJudging Round 19:00am12:30pm
Judging Round 21:00pm4:30pm
SymposiumSpeaker 110:00am11:00am
Speaker 211:00am12:00pm
Workshops 1 and 21:00pm3:00pm
Friendship Dinner5:00pm7:00pm
Sunday November 8Gen II FootballTop 169:00am9:45am
Quarter Finals9:45am10:30am
Third Place11:00am11:30am
Regular CategoryMaintenance Time9:00am9:30am
Top 16 Round 19:30am10:00am
Maintenance Time10:00am10:20am
Top 16 Round 210:20am10:50am
Maintenance Time10:50am11:00am
Top 16 Round 311:00am11:30am
University ChallengePractice9:00am9:30am
Open CategoryJudging Round 39:00am12:30pm
Awards and Closing Ceremony12:30pm3:00pm
National Organizer Meeting3:00pm4:00pm

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